Proposed New Events

`Challenge the Lakes’

Sale to Lakes Entrance. 100 Kilometres.

Gippsland Lakes. Victoria, Australia.
Multi Craft Paddle Event.
Five Stages - 12 Hour Time Limit.
Mid October 2018 to Late February 2019
Allowing for a Minimum of 13 Hours Sunlight.

`Port of Sale’
Heart Morass Reserve
1st Leg 
Holland’s Landing
2nd Leg 
3rd leg 
4th leg
Lakes Entrance
5th leg
0 km
Per Leg
 18  27  28 14 13
0 km
 18  45 73 87 100
Max Per Leg
 2.10  3.15 3.20 1.40 1.35
 2.10  5.25 8.45 10.25 12 hours

7.12 minutes per km = 100km over 12 Hours 8.4 km x 12 Hours = 100km
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Start at the `Port of Sale’ & follow the Gippsland Lakes and finish at Lakes Entrance.
Course will detour North side of Raymond Island.
May detour South side depending on wind direction.
Why five stages? Participants’ would be closer together. Water safety easier to manage.
It is anticipated the event would take between 10 to 12 hours to complete in one stage only.
Tail end paddlers could be up to 20km from the finish line. 2 ½ hours approx still to finish.

Five Stages

To be contested solo or in teams of up to five, etc. Five paddlers, one stage each.
Spec Surf Skis. Ocean Racing Skis. Stand Up Paddle Boards? Sea Kayaks?
Out rigger Canoes? OC2. OC3. OC6. Single & Doubles for all crafts.
You start each leg together.
Your time stops when you complete each leg.
The quicker you complete a leg the longer rest time you have!
Your time restarts at the start of each leg.
You can only exceed a leg stage time no more than any accumulated rest time from the previous combined leg stages. Otherwise you are withdrawn from the event.
If you exceed the last leg race time and it is less than any accumulated rest time, your over all event time is still valid.
If you exceed your accumulated rest time after the last leg, your event time will not be valid.
The fastest combined five leg times will be the outright winner.
The 12 hour time limit will can be extend to a maximum of 13 hours due to a change in weather.
Depending on weather the event will be held on the better of the two weekend days.
In the advent of a weather change during the race one or more legs could be redirected.
In the advent of adverse weather conditions the event can be reversed, reduced in leg stages or relocated to Bairnsdale and complete a number of return paddles on the Mitchell River.
Minimum age. 18 years.

Other Event Options

Sale to Lakes Entrance. 100 Kilometres. 2 Day Event

Day 1. Friday 5th May. 2018

Sale to Loch Sport. 55 kilometres

Three Stages. 7.5 Hours Time Limit.
To coincide with the Gippsland Lakes Paddle Challenge.
Saturday 6th May. 2018

`Port of Sale’
Heart Morass Reserve
1st Leg
Holland’s Landing
2nd Leg
Loch Sport
3rd leg
0 km
Per Leg
18 27 10
0 km
18 45 55
Max Per Leg
2.25 3.35 1.20
2.25 6.00 7.20

8 minutes per km. 7.5 km per hour.
Note. 10 minutes extra added of to round of at 7.5 Hours

Day 2 Saturday 6th May, 2018

Loch Sport to Lakes Entrance. 48 kilometres

Three Stages. No Time Limit.
You can enter one or both days or in teams.

Loch Sport Paynesville Metung Lakes Entrance
0 km
21 14 13
21 35 48
overall km
76 90 103

Other Event Options

Consider bringing the town ship of Loch Sport alive on the western end of Lake Victoria and add a third leg to the Gippsland Lakes Paddle Challenge held in May.
You can enter all event is in teams .
Loch Sport to Lakes entrance, 48km. Via Paynesville. View the event website map for details
Paynesville to Lakes Entrance 27km.
Metung to Lakes Entrance 13km.

Mandatory Safety Requirements.

Life Jacket rated 50. Hi visibility cap & vest. 1 x orange day smoke flare.
PLB. Personal Location Beacon. Leg & paddle lease. Phone in a waterproof pouch.
Minimum of 2 litres of water to be carried at the start of each leg. Appropriate clothing.
You have your own support crew waiting at the end of each leg stage.
You are physically fit and have adequately trained for the event.
You are able to swim continuously for 1000 metres unaided.
*A hired Personal Tracker to be worn by you which will be included in your entire fee.
*You have been assessed by a medical partitioner as being physically capable of successfully completing the event.
*If contesting three or more legs, you will have to provide past history.
*Optional. Recommended for Expression of Interest Paddle

Water Safety

Water safety provided by five rescue crafts spread out across the field of paddlers.
Land base check points between each leg stage.

Expression of interest Paddle. October-December. TBC

Sale to Lakes Entrance 100km - Over one or two days.
This Is Not An Official Event Or Race. Participate At Your Own Risk. 13 Hour time limit.

Survey – Questions – Options.

How much would you expect entries to be for the Sale to Lakes Entrance 100km paddle?
Take into consideration there would be running coast for rescue crafts etc.
Would you expect a prize for 1st,, 2nd & 3rd place or a medal?
Would you rather have a lucky draw prize for all who completes the event?
Money will not be given as a prize.
Sunday would only be considered if the Saturday’s event was rescheduled due of inclement weather.
Suggestions, feedback and a preferred date for the above Options would be appreciated.
Enquiries to Paul King. email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mobile 0417 154 055